GoGirlzzz - Coming Soon!

A Community focused on supporting female athletes, musicians, and artists.

About GoGirlzzz

GoGirlzzz is a community for girls to network with one another, display their talents, and exchange information. We started with an emphasis on action sports and bands. Since then, We've heard from so many girls from all different walks of life that want to be included. In our research we found there were plenty of sites for guys to network all of their interests, but so little for girls…and girls are kicking butt!

Every girl is welcome. Even if you are just interested in seeing what other girls are doing…join in! We want to create a place where girls can be inspired by each other.

A Little Of My Story

Hi, I'm Beth, the creator of GoGirlzzz.

I have been playing in bands and working in music most of my life. I've played bass in the bands Hovercraft and Schema, and drums in Lola. I have spent a lot of time on the road touring, or in the studio recording, and have always been active in sports. Now I mostly surf, swim and dive.

While touring, I was always happy when there was another girl or girls in the bands we toured with. Rooming and playing together formed life long memories. At times I would be on the road with 10-15 guys for 6-8 weeks, and always appreciated connecting with girls from different cities & countries. I found that little "girl time" precious.

At the time it was very difficult to network with other girls. You were just beginning to see more girls appearing in sports and bands. When I began touring, I was out there in a van, lifting my own equipment, and doing a lot of the business. I not only felt I was pursuing my passions, but wanted to let other girls know they could do it too. I wanted to be part of paving the way for the next generation of girls, to make it easier and more acceptable for them to pursue their passions and dreams. I never forgot the women/girls who sacrificed so much for me to have these opportunities.

A Little Of Our Story

When I've spoken with older women about GoGirlzzz, they've told me this idea was unthinkable when they were growing up. They said that not so long ago, 30-40 years, there were no sports for girls in schools, definitely no access to competitive sports, and there were very little choices for them besides getting married and having kids. They are amazed at what we are doing now. We have come a long way yet there is still so far to go!

I see in the future a community of girls who are not competing with guys, but co-existing with our own flavor and earning the same respect. There are many guys who have helped me along the way and support in girls succeeding. We appreciate them!

We all have been exposed to supposed "role models" who create body image problems and have zero intelligence or talent... I would like this to be a place where we can get together and create our own role models!

I'm amazed at all the photos everyone is sending in. It inspires me to keep working every day. We are on Facebook, Twitter, and Myspace, and will keep you updated on the progress and launch date of GoGirlzzz.com.

Again, thank you for your support and patience - see you in a couple of months at launch!